Things to Do in Raleigh, N.C.

Get your toes tapping to the sounds of emerging music and bands, as well as rollicking bluegrass festivals and more. Invigorate your senses by sampling the many flavors of artisan craft brews and spirits. Discover gifts and treasures from local boutiques, including many handmade and custom designs for truly eclectic finds. And, join in broadening your horizons through an enticing array of visual and performing arts exhibitions.

No matter what path you choose on your visit, we know you'll be energized by the cultural heartbeat fostered by passionate minds of Raleigh, N.C.

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Live Music

With outdoor concert season coming into full swing again this spring, the Raleigh area 's live music calendar is packed with awesome shows. It's a prime time to check out some new artists and to see your favorite bands on tour. Here are 30+ picks to help you start planning your Raleigh road trip.

Sports & Recreation

Hey, hoops fans! For the second straight year, March Madness is rolling into Raleigh, N.C.! The 10th-ranked North Carolina State University (NCSU) women's basketball team will host first and...

Things to Do

A fast-growing slice of downtown Raleigh , the City of Oaks' Person Street neighborhood is bursting with entrepreneurial spirit and creative grit. Make the most of a visit to this growing corner...

Things to Do

Looking for a fun way to get outside, get some exercise and find your way to some of Raleigh's best parks, restaurants, shops and attractions? Well good news, bike fans— Citrix Cycle , a...

Things to Do

Raleigh, N.C., keeps adding happy occasions to the calendar. Festivals and major events serve an important purpose—they mark history and sense of pride, plus they showcase talent, creativity...

Things to Do

Take a look at Raleigh's 2019 convention (or con) and show lineup, from small to gigantic, and you’ll see that fan culture is on the rise! Celebrating an appreciation for comics and related popular art forms like television shows, movies, video games and...

Pam Blondin

Pam Blondin

DECO Raleigh

Pam's shop, DECO Raleigh, boasts a sharply curated collection of gifts and items from more than 80 local artisans and makers, as well as eclectic finds from around the world.

“With DECO, I wanted to create a sense of place. A lot of people have asked 'do we sell online?' We don't! Once they come to our store, they realize why.”

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