Raleigh, N.C., Locals Guide

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, there's a bevy of hidden gems and unique things to do in the City of Oaks that'll keep you exploring and digging into the area. No matter if you live here or if you're visiting for a weekend, you’ll likely want to see the most-visited attractions and essential things to do—who doesn’t? However, there’s a deeper, lesser-known side of the capital city to uncover, things even residents may not know about. Here’s a fun guide on how to experience the unique traditions and places of Raleigh like a local! Use these lists, curated by the City of Raleigh and area residents, to uncover interesting traditions and things to do here.

We also invite anyone to add to our lists below because we know the city has secrets hidden everywhere. Click here to submit your idea!

This project is part of the City of Raleigh's Strategic Plan (Arts and Cultural Resources key focus area).