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Two things you need to know year-round:

  1. Bookmark this page! In the event of an emergency or crisis in the Raleigh area which may impact visitors, the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) will post relevant information for visitors, our hospitality partners and the public on this page.
  2. Add to your address book. If there is a crisis in our area (including inclement weather) and you need to communicate information to your guests or the public about cancellations, change of an event start time, etc., send a message to for possible distribution through our social media channels.

    In cases of severe weather or crisis, we may not be able to send messages about every cancellation or change, but we will do our best to keep visitors in the know!


The needs of a visitor in a crisis situation are unique

Imagine yourself in an unfamiliar city during an emergency situation. Do you try to go home? Do you stay in your hotel? What does a visitor need to know during a crisis?

The Greater Raleigh CVB is developing a flexible crisis communications plan designed to relay information specific to the needs of visitors in the event of a crisis. The CVB plan will only take effect when a situation has the potential to be threatening to visitors, to a hospitality partner business or to the Bureau itself. We will continue to develop the plan and add new tactics to communicate with our partners and the public as accurately and quickly as possible.

As a visitRaleigh hospitality partner, if you have suggestions or comments related to a crisis communications plan for visitors, please send them to We will appreciate your input and your perspective will help to make the plan more comprehensive.

Whenever you see this information on this page, you will know that there is no crisis in Raleigh today! We hope that will be true of everyday.

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