July 01, 2009
From 2Hot4Ice.com

2Hot4 Ice National Games Recap

Seventy-two hours after handing out the last trophy at the conclusion of the 2009 2Hot4Ice National Games at the Dreamsports Center in Apex, NC, the entire 2Hot4Ice team was finally beginning to throttle back from the incredible six days they spent in Apex, N.C.

Clay Ladouceur, the founder of 2Hot4Ice, said these were the best in the 10 Year history of the tournament series and he was literally beaming with pride, as parent after parent, coach after coach and most importantly- player after player, all told him how much fun they had!

Clay, finally relaxing with his wife and kids back home in Charlotte, said "The games were competitive, exciting and in most cases they were decided by two goals or less. Most of the division championship games were one-goal contests
and the enthusiasm in the stands was just off the charts! I cannot remember a tournament anywhere or at anytime where so many people were smiling, laughing, cheering, screaming, chanting and even tearing up....this event had it all."

He continued, "...All the wonderful sponsors that participated gave the Dreamsports Center an atmosphere that the kids loved when they were not on one of the rinks playing. Seriously, this event had almost as much fun off the rink as it did on the rink...we have never seen that before anywhere!"

When we walked in there on Tuesday, it was a multi-sport facility. On Wednesday morning when the first puck dropped, it was a roller hockey mecca, an incredible place for kids, players, parents, coaches and grandparents to all experience what
makes Roller Hockey one of the best games on the planet. Everyone in the building was exposed to all the latest and greatest Hockey equipment, an education and interaction of the industries latest, most-innovative equipment and the factory reps.

So in addition to fantastic off-rink events and interaction, the game atmosphere matched any tournament we've ever witnessed.

"When the Dreamsports Dragons played the Richmond Rattlers, it was like they were going to blow the roof off, hootin' and hollerin' all their programs slogans, cheers and chants back and forth. That was one of the noticeable differences this year - the tremendous spirit from each program."

Clay also was pleased with the execution of the Dream Room, the Reebok Skills Competitions and the Adult Division, which featured a number of professional inline roller hockey players from across the USA.

The Dream Room contained a wide variety of sponsors' products valued at over $5,000. Winners of many cool contest and games got to enter the Dream Room and claim a piece of equipment as their prize. "There was one kid who was the first to enter the Dream Room," recalls Clay. "He did a 360 and had no idea what to choose. We let him sleep on it that night and the next day he chose a pair of Reebok Pump skates. In fact, several kids got to walk into the Dream Room and were like a kid on Christmas morning- just staring with excitement and not sure which thing to go at first....it was incredible!"

To improve this year's super skills competitions, 2Hot4Ice extended the time allotted to each age group. The resulting performances were, as Clay put it, "seriously entertaining to watch."

"The 14U kids were doing some things that were incredible, lacrosse-like stick and puck-work before putting it on net. It was, "a joy to watch" he said.

What a joy it was to see celebration of each scoring opportunity, goal or good defensive play.

8U Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Branson Walz, Richmond Rattlers Black; Revision Top Dishman - Preston Lallicker, DSD Red; and Eschelon Top goalie - Jessica Lehning, DSC Red.

10U Gold/Silver Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Nick Reisenweaver, Richmond Rattlers Black; Revision Top Dishman - Graham Rex, DSD Red; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Ben Talman, Richmond Rattlers.

10U Bronze Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Ryan Todd, Speed; Revision Top Dishman - Mitchell Prowant, Peachtree City Prowl; and Eschelon top Goalie - Parker Smith, Speed.

12U Platinum/Gold Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Jack Klerekoper, Mad Dogs; Revision Top Dishman - Jackson Carter, Carolina Tsunami; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Alex DeYoung, Mad Dogs.

12U Silver/Bronze Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) Isaiah Varner, Richmond Rattlers Grey; Revision Top Dishman - Zach Stephens, Richmond Rattlers Grey; and Eschelon Top Goalie, Zach Petitt, Richmond Rattlers Grey.

14U Platinum/Gold Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Wyatt Sexton, Team Carolina 94; Revision Top Dishman - Daniel Bowen, Team Carolina 94; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Tucker Murphy, Richmond Rattlers Black.

14U Silver/Bronze Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) Jake Merzigian, Speed; Revision Top Dishman - Cody Sterrett, Speed; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Justin Schomburg, DSD White.

16U Gold Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Andrew McCauley, Mission Blackout; Revision Top Dishman - Devan Howlett, Team Carolina White; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Eric Dumas, Richmond Rattlers Black.

16U Bronze Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Apatick Hayes, Columbia Cobras; Revision Top Dishman, Brandon Finch, Richmond Rattlers Orange; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Colin Catherman, Richmond Rattlers Orange.

18U Gold/Silver Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Trent Allen, Greensboro Spyders; Revision Top Dishman - Cameron Dicken, Richmond Rattlers White; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Justin Mara, D Young Gunz.

Adult Division
Deebs Young Award (points leader) - Chad Goodwin, D Young Gunz; Revision Top Dishman - Josh Deloach, D Young Gunz; and Eschelon Top Goalie - Justin Mara, D Young Gunz.

Finally, Clay and his team have had 4 days to relax and recover, and now it is time to get next years tournament series planned, designed and launched!

With all the feedback and things we did and learned this year, next year will absolutely set records and new standards about what a roller hockey tournament should be. As the saying goes, "You ain't seen nothing yet!"

The entire 2Hot4Ice team wants to thank every single player, parent, coach, family member and fan for what they brought to these games. From the first class facility, the Refs, and the outstanding sponsor support, we are truly blessed to have shared this with all of you.