Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau Instrumental in Lobbying Change

Raleigh, NC - The Bureau, in conjunction with the Raleigh Police Department, has
successfully lobbied Raleigh City Council to change and add language to the current Taxi
License Requirements/Regulations. The revisions are designed to improve customer
service, set appearance standards, as well as driver and customer safety. The ordinance
revisions also mandate background checks on owners and operators prior to a permit
being issued. The changes went into effect November 8, 2009.

"Many times a visitor's first impression of a destination is from the backseat of a taxi"
said Denny Edwards, president and CEO of the GRCVB. "The Raleigh area is known for
our exceptional customer service and we want to ensure that those positive experiences
start from the time they arrive in our destination."

Some of the new ordinances effecting taxi drivers include: a dress code requiring drivers
to wear shoes and clean clothing, drivers must pass an annual drug test and have a
driving record of fewer than eight points and no criminal charges. Vehicles are required
to be less than 10 years, have a working air conditioner and must be cleaned every 24
hours. Stiff penalties are in place for drivers who do not adhere to these new