RALEIGH, NC (localmemphis.com) - Raleigh started planning for their week of basketball almost a year ago.

Scott Dupree, Executive Director of Greater Raleigh Sports Alliance, expressed "the NCAA men's tournament is about as big as it gets in our world" and "our job is to roll out the red carpet for the visitors."

Upwards of 10,000 visitors are in Raleigh for the tournament.

Memphis can expect similar numbers next week.

Florida, Dayton, and Stanford are already coming. The winner of Stephen F. Austin and UCLA will be the fourth team traveling to Memphis.

Dupree says not knowing who's coming til the last minute is part of the fun of hosting.

"The beauty of this tournament is and 50 you'll see next week. Especially in the first round sites we always tell people we have no control on what 8 teams we're getting. We have no control who wins. That's sort of the good and the bad. But overall it's the beauty of the event the surprises the upsets. You just sort of good wow with the flow and you're always happy with the teams you get and the results."