January 26, 2006

Town of Cary and United Soccer League and Professional Agreement Highlights

Year 1 (2006 Season)
Building and development year for expansion Team
Rent: $25,000
6-10 home exhibition games

Years 2 - 6 (2007-2011)
Rent: $70,000/year
16-20 home matches and exhibition games

How long is the agreement between Triangle Professional Soccer and the Town of Cary? The current agreement runs through 2011 for a total of five full seasons. An extension of the terms through 2015 is included in the agreement, with the provision that the Rent and Individual Ticket Sales Revenue to Town be adjusted.

What will be the Town of Cary's role at the Soccer Park following this agreement? The Town will continue to provide maintenance for the facility and events and police security for events. In addition, the Town will provide utilities for all buildings within the Soccer Park and pay the cost of all utilities.

How will the revenue be distributed? The Team and Town will share certain revenues, including: concessions at 15% to the Town and 20% to the Team; concessions sponsorships and Ticketmaster rebates will be equally shared; 30% of season signage sponsorships will go to the Town; 5% of season ticket sales and $1 per individual ticket will be given to the Town; and the Team will manage and retain revenues for parking.

Will the name of SAS Soccer Park remain the same? SAS has exclusive naming rights on the Park until June 30, 2007. SAS has the option to extend the term of the agreement for an additional three years. For any future naming rights agreements, the Town will receive the first $150,000 annually and 30% of additional annual revenue in excess of $150,000.

How will the new Team affect professional, collegiate and local soccer games? The Team will have exclusive access to the fields only on the scheduled game days each year and exclusivity related to all professional soccer and professional lacrosse year-round. The Town will continue to work with community groups for use of the Park and host first class events such as the NCAA College Cup and the ACC Soccer Tournaments. In addition, Triangle Professional Soccer has agreed to develop a program for community outreach and service such as certain free clinics, camps, or other soccer related activities on an annual basis.

What will be the name of the new Team? The new Team will conduct a team naming contest. Details will follow in the weeks following the announcement.

When and where can tickets be purchased? For general questions about the "as yet unnamed" Team, ticket information, and sponsorship opportunities, call (919) 859-KICK (5425) beginning Friday, January 27. Information can also be obtained by e-mailing any questions to triangleprosoccer@yahoo.com.

Where will the new Team's offices be located? The Team's offices will be located at SAS Soccer Park at 201 Soccer Park Drive.