She’s beautiful, stylish and most importantly, timeless.  Even on her 50th anniversary, Barbie is still a fabulously popular doll that brings back childhood memories for many.  To commemorate her timelessness and long history throughout the years, The N.C. Museum of History has created an exhibit: Barbie – Simply Fabulous at 50!

Running now until July 5, 2010, this special small exhibit starts with a first-edition Barbie and explores the evolution of this American and business icon.  On display, you’ll find outfits shown in Barbie’s first TV commercial in 1959, Barbie and her friends, sports cars and other special items.  To make the exhibit more personal for visitors, the exhibit even features 16 entertaining Barbie stories from North Carolinians throughout the state.

Fun, personal and unique, this Barbie exhibit is the perfect reason to make a visit to the Museum of History.  Bring your daughter so she can learn about the history of her favorite doll or come reminisce about your childhood days.  Either way, this exhibit will add an extra special experience to your visit!