Proclaimed by the masterminds who created it as a “potluck creative conference in Raleigh,” SPARKcon will take the Triangle by storm in its seventh year of existence on Sept. 13-16 in downtown Raleigh on Fayetteville St. SPARKcon is a festival of creativity that showcases the imagination and talent of “The Creative Hub of the South” (PS, that’s Raleigh people!). This celebration of artistic ingenuity lasts four whole days and includes a variety of “sparks” or events. The convention showcases hundreds of local talents every year, helping to keep our city a choice spot on the art map.

SPARKcon is a collaborative effort with the Visual Art Exchange downtown, and VAE director Sarah Powers chairs of SPARKcon. They hold open calls for talent and are pretty much just waiting for you to jump on board, whether it be with your artistic abilities, super-human performance skills, or volunteer time during the four-day explosion of creativity.

There is truly something for everyone at the fest, with categories including the obvious like visual art, music, film, theatre, poetry and fashion, as well as a few that seem to be up for interpretation. There is circusSPARK, where people apparently dress up like animals, and bazaarSPARK where you can buy artsy paraphernalia and foodie treats. Total gamer? geekSPARK may be your calling.

This year’s artSPARK will feature a “Before I Die…” project inspired by artist Chandy Chang and will allow community members to actively participate in art in public spaces while reflecting on their dreams and aspirations via a piece of chalk and an open wall.  Keep your eyes peeled for other installations, street art and interactive projects.

SPARKcon is holding open calls for talent, so whatever your craft, you’re totally wanted!  Some deadlines are fast approaching (danceSPARK deadline is today) so get grooving. If creating isn’t your forte then get involved as a volunteer. Jump on board and help Raleigh maintain its status as the creative hub of the South.