We love our breweries. Each one is unique and has its own story. In honor of Beer Month, we've collected 10 fun facts from 10 breweries in the Raleigh, N.C., area.

Brüeprint Brewing Company is the first brewery in Apex and opened in 2014. Owner Eric Wagner, an engineer specializing in water treatment with a passion for gourmet cooking, brewed up his first beer five years ago in his home kitchen. Engineers commonly work with blueprints, so it's only fitting that his brewery be called Brüeprint Brewing Company. Get it? We think it's pretty clever. Learn more about visiting

Carolina Brewing Company in Holly Springs has the honor of being the Raleigh area's first brewery. The owners moved here from Seattle in 1993 with the intention to start a brewery because they knew the East Coast was an untapped market. We're so glad they did! Their logo displays a lion, which is a traditional brewing symbol. Supposedly, lions guarded the caves where beer was kept cool. No one can really confirm that legend, but we think it is worth telling. Learn more about visiting

Gizmo Brew Works, which will celebrate its second anniversary on May 2, is another brewery owned by engineering professionals. We think we're seeing a common theme among engineers and a love for good beer. Gizmo has a special Inventor's Series where the brewers push the limits of style, flavor and ABV. These special beers are hard to find outside the brewery's taproom. Learn more about visiting

Raleigh Brewing Company has the popular Hell Yes Ma'am, a Belgian-style golden ale, on tap, and it happens to be the favorite beer of the company's CEO and president Kristie Nystedt. Nystedt is the majority owner of the brewery, making Raleigh Brewing Company the first female-owned brewery in North Carolina. Learn more about visiting

Bombshell Beer Company in Holly Springs is entirely owned by three "bombshells." Ellen Joyner, Michelle Miniutti and Jackie Hudspeth are showing the world that craft beer is not just for guys. Joyner has been home brewing for decades and is quick to point out the history that tells us brewing beer was traditionally a woman's job. They are making the role fashionable once again. Learn more about visiting

Trophy Brewing Company in Raleigh is one of the few area breweries that operates a restaurant, and it dishes out the best pizza in N.C., according to Thrillist. The secret here is in the sauce and dough, made with Trophy-brewed beer. Learn more about visiting

White Street Brewing Company, located in historic Wake Forest is the town's first brewery, and it operates out of a building that was home to a 1930s Chevrolet car dealership. Just like cars needed to be displayed to be sold, this brewery has its beer production front and center with no walls, glass or anything to hide it. It's out in the open. Learn more about visiting

Fortnight Brewing Company, located in Cary is making North Carolinians fall in love with beers like they brew "across the pond." All of Fortnight's beers are based on traditional English beers and are brewed with U.K.-sourced ingredients. You will likely hear British accents in the taproom, too. Most of the founders have ties to England and Scotland. Learn more about visiting

Big Boss Brewing Company and Lonerider Brewing Company are two of Raleigh's breweries that could be called "celebrities" outside of the destination. Big Boss Brewing Company beers can be found in almost any grocery store in N.C., and Lonerider Brewing Company is collecting "outlaws" throughout the South and East Coast as it distributes its award-winning beers in numerous states in the Mid-Atlantic. Bad Penny from Big Boss and Shotgun Betty from Lonerider are quickly becoming household names here. Learn more about visiting Big Boss Brewing Company and Lonerider Brewing Company

Header image from Fortnight Brewing Company