For your next meeting in the City of Oaks, work a hands-on People-First Tourism Signature Experience into your group’s plans and jump into all Raleigh, N.C., has to offer.

Explore the collection of tours and activities available—this carefully curated collection of tours and hands-on encounters are designed to take you beneath the surface of our destination, "backstage" and alongside the locals who live it and breathe it every day. Local experts and talent provide unforgettable tours, workshops and more where they share their stories and passions, teaching your group special skills or leaving them with long-lasting memories of the Raleigh area.

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Get creative

Adventures in Bloom: Metal-Stamping Workshop With Laura

In Laura’s Gerenser’s hands-on workshop, your group will learn the basics of stamping on metal to create personalized jewelry and accessories. They’ll be guided through the process and given all the necessary tools and materials to get started. Groups have complete control over their pieces and can take their finished products home. There’s also a wide range of stamping options aside from jewelry, such as keychains, bookmarks, ornaments and more!


Warehouse District Art Walk With Annelies and Greg

Groups will begin this guided art walk in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District at CAM Raleigh and meander through the district before walking toward Nash Square. Along the way, they'll see colorful wall murals, street art and sculptures. Your group will also be invited to interact with others and reflect upon how and why creativity leads to a rich and meaningful life.


Brush the Skyline: Watercolors and Brews Workshop With Dominique

Head to one of downtown Raleigh's local breweries, Wye Hill Kitchen and Brewing, and enjoy scenic overlooks for a session in painting skylines. Relax, have a drink or some dinner and appreciate a gorgeous view of the city at sunset while Dominique guides your group through a workshop on watercolor landscapes. All supplies will be provided, and attendees will be able to take home a travel canvas of their own creation for the memory.


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Crochet Anywhere: Crocheting Workshop & Meetup With Suzy Hasanin 

Did you know that you can crochet pretty much anywhere? It’s a great exercise in creativity and mindfulness, and all it takes is a single tool and some yarn, which require almost no space. Raleigh artist Suzy Hasanin is a lifelong crocheter, and she’s been looping threads since 2004. Since then, she hasn’t put it down, crocheting everything from mushroom-shaped bags to full-blown outfits. Suzy believes that if you can crack the code of the fundamentals, you can crochet anything. And she wants to show your group how! Workshops take place all over the Raleigh area, from parks, to coffee houses, to clubs and more.


Grab a drink

Blending Over Backwards: Olde Raleigh Distillery Tour With Brandon

Groups can take a behind-the-scenes tour with Brandon McCraney of Olde Raleigh Distillery in Zebulon, just outside of Raleigh. There they’ll admire the beautiful and sustainable repurposed design of Olde Raleigh, explore the barrel room and discover the way that everything from wood to weather can transform flavor. Your group will learn more about spirits, the basics of distilling and the art of blending. Lastly, but certainly not least, the tour ends with a taste of Olde Raleigh’s newest, unique blended batch.


Stop and Taste the Flowers: Herbal Tea Tasting and Workshop With Matthias

Groups will begin this experience with a warm and delicious herbal tea infusion while hearing about the surprising depth of story and artistry that goes into selecting herbs for tea. Then, they’ll create their infusion from a selection of beautiful dried herbs and ingredients. They’ll also learn more about how to utilize tea to practice mindfulness.


Downtown Coffee Stroll With Greg

In this experience, Greg Whitt will meet your group at Sir Walter Coffee + Kitchen—the easternmost stop of the stroll with two-hour, curbside parking nearby. From there, Greg will lead this unscripted stroll around downtown Raleigh, walking in and out of his favorite coffee shops to talk with baristas and nerd out on coffee roasts and the downtown coffee culture. Regular stops on this stroll include: A Place at The Table, Videri Chocolate Factory, Raleigh Raw, lucettegrace and 42 & Lawrence.


Get outdoors

Borrowing Something Sweet: Honey Tasting and Hive Tour With Shannon and Steve Baxter

Head to the Stone Ridge Farm Market in Zebulon, just outside Raleigh, for a scenic outdoors experience where your group can taste a range of different local honeys, explore the construction of a beehive up close and learn straight from the experts on why beekeeping is such a fascinating and vital part of our lives.


Experience Urban Farming: Raleigh City Farm Tour

If your group loves nature and wants to go behind-the-scenes of a farm, book a private tour of the Raleigh City Farm. Visitors will be led by an experienced staff member or volunteer to explore all the gardens, production areas and buildings. Explore the clever and innovative ways that Raleigh City Farm uses a little bit of space to grow a lot of produce and make an even bigger impact.


Triangle Treasure Hunt With Ben and Whitney

Groups will embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt around either downtown Raleigh or Cary, where they will search outdoors for clues, solve puzzles and crack codes to unlock the treasure chest and reveal the prize inside! The hunt will take guests to some of the most historical, artistic and unique locations around the area. The entire experience will take between 90 and 120 minutes. Let the adventure begin!


Sunset Paddle Trip on Falls Lake With Banks

Groups will meet at the water 45 minutes-to-an-hour prior to sunset to acquaint everyone with their boats and gear. After launch, they’ll have a leisurely paddle to a prime location to watch the sun as it drops below the horizon. As the light fades, groups can take in the sights and sounds of the water after dark on this relaxing and fun experience. Your group can range from two to 10 people.


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