Author: Jonathan Freeze, CDME, EDP

Jonathan Freeze, CDME, EDP, has built a career in the marketing of places, leading the Greater Raleigh CVB's marketing efforts since 2008. Though a firm believer in the science of marketing, Jonathan also began his career as a writer and creative wordsmith. In 2021 he contributed an award-winning chapter to the book Tourism Microentrepreneurship (Emerald Publishing), and recently he earned the Entrepreneurship Development Professional (EDP) credential. Learn more

Each year since revamping its community engagement strategies officially in 2018, GRCVB has arranged its communications with local community stakeholders around annual themes of import, and this year is no different. In calendar years 2019 and 2020, Bureau staff created and implemented a multilevel
One of the important responsibilities that GRCVB bears for Wake County is the collection and constant monitoring of tourism-related statistics. As you can imagine during the past year, we have seen some jubilant highs and jarring lows as tourism numbers, across the board, have been reported. As is