One of the best parts of my job at GRCVB is curating the Bureau's photo collection. Earlier in 2021, we told you about Visit Raleigh Studio, our online asset library that is available to any of our area hospitality partners and stakeholders. (If you would like to create an account at the Studio, send me a request at

IBMA World of Bluegrass always yields hundreds of beautiful images of the conference, concerts, awards, crowds, vendors and the street festival. In this case, the International Bluegrass Music Association recruits a handful of local photographers who cover the event from beginning to end. Then those photos are shared with us to help us promote the events for next year.

Here's just a sample of the photos that were captured by the 2021 crew of photographers who were on the event footprint from Tuesday-Saturday. Those photographers were Rob Laughter, Dan Schram, Todd Gunsher and Willa Stein.

Thanks to all for your beautiful work!