GRCVB staff members are often called on to bring insights and expertise about destination management and marketing to media and to other tourism industry peers. Last week, executive vice president Loren J. Gold was interviewed by David Peacock about "Stakeholder Collaboration and the Destination Management Cycle" as part of his The Future of Tourism podcast series.

Part of the conversation was about the guiding principles that will shape recovery after COVID-19.

"I think it comes back to your longtime account base," Loren said, "those customers that we've continually worked with, whether it's state associations, national associations, corporate.... A partnership-focused sales strategy versus a transactional-focused strategy will pay off. Those are the folks that [we] work with hand-in-hand over the years."

"They may have to change the scale and the size of what they’ve done for their meetings, but [we will] work with them to amplify what they do and help them find success."

You can watch the full podcast here:

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