It's a new year, and classes at the Raleigh area's colleges/universities are starting back up for the spring semester. What better time for GRCVB partners to get into the school mindset than by scheduling a Tourism U for you and your team!

For the unversed, Tourism U is GRCVB's award-winning learning track for tourism and destination education in a less-than-one-hour session at 100 Level that explores why tourism matters in Wake County. Aimed at educating workers and residents countywide to help grow advocacy and industry support, each class outlines the cycle of tourism in Wake County, breaks down recent numbers and economic impacts and explains why visitors affect the lives of each individual in our area. 

Tourism U Pencils

While this information is valuable to know as a hospitality partner, Tourism U 100 Level is also a great way to inform other locals (e.g., civic, social, fraternal or volunteer/hobbyist groups) and newcomers about the value of tourism to our area, whether leisure, transient business, convention or sporting event tourism.

If your business or social group has a retreat, monthly meeting, or educational series looking for programming, we would love to bring Tourism U to you, your staffers/volunteers and stakeholder advisory boards. If you would like a member of the GRCVB team to come to your organization and present, contact us at for scheduling of a session.