We hope you realize that, when we speak of you as our hospitality partners, we mean that in the most literal sense. That is, we are all partners together in the task of inspiring and persuading guests to visit Wake County (as well as see, do and spend more). We all have the same objectives—economic benefits for the county and for individual businesses and attractions, as well as the offering of genuine and heartfelt hospitality.

You already know that every Wake County partner appears on visitRaleigh.com with a listing. We wish we could feature all 1,300+ restaurants, 150+ hotels and 2,300+ attractions or service providers in every communiqué to visitors that we print. But as the offerings for visitors get more plentiful, our perspective is becoming more countywide, holistic and digital.

The CVB offers several avenues for individual partners to place their messaging in front of visitors. One of the key channels is the Official Visitors Guide to Raleigh, Cary and Wake County (OVG). Published annually (with a May drop date), the Guide is a 60-page inspiration and interest-fulfillment piece, designed to pique curiosity so that potential visitors feel compelled to come see Raleigh, N.C., for themselves (and to gain access to more comprehensive trip-planning tools).

In 2019, we will be printing 145,000 copies of the guide, distributed upon individual visitor requests, to area hotels (through our Services team, who delivers them personally), RDU International Airport, statewide welcome centers, the official Visitor Information Center and more outlets. In addition, the online version of the guide draws at least another 40,000 views, and each display ad is linked back to the advertiser's website.

Ad sales for the Visitors Guide are currently open and will be until Jan. 12, 2019. We work with Compass Media, a company which specializes in visitors guide production and includes the editorial, design and ad sales for the guide. In addition to managing sales and placement of ads, Compass also has a team of designers who can design the ad, if that would be helpful to you.

If you are interested in placing an ad in the guide, please contact either John Balhouse at jbalhouse@compassmedia.com; 828.578.2323) or Casey Hough at caseyh@compassmedia.com; 336.613.0638).

You can also look through the Bureau's Official Media Kit, for information about OVG ad opportunities, visitRaleigh.com online ads and more. And please remember that the GRCVB isn't a profit-making entity; even though these ads cost money, every dollar goes back into the printing and production of the fulfillment piece, promoting the county to visitors and, consequently, funneling them to you.

Back to partnerships for a minute—please know everything we do is designed to bring visitors into Wake County and to circulate them. We will also collaborate with you throughout the year on your individual business/marketing plans, so you can welcome them to your specific address.

Sounds like a win/win partnership to me.