Let us clue you in about a great resource on visitRaleigh.com.

The Partners section of our website has all kinds of great information and resources for area hospitality businesses/organizations, including access to PIXL, links to all the parts and pieces of the Destination Strategic Plan (DSP), contact information for every member of the Bureau staff and much more.

As a matter of fact, just last week, we published our 2022-2023 Business Plan, the board-approved blueprint the Bureau uses as we look to the next fiscal year for project-planning and goal-setting.

Each department at the Bureau submits detailed objectives and strategies for the year ahead, plus the Business Plan includes the most recent visitor profile data available (these data will be updated again in July 2022) and average visitor economic trends for the last 10 years. It's a timely and condensed picture of Wake County tourism development.

You might also note that many of each department's strategies are tied directly to implementation of the DSP (Destination 2028). We're proud that, in spite of everything the pandemic threw at us, implementation has continued to move forward, and we're still on track countywide to make our goals for 2028.

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Here's another way you might use the Business Plan, especially as it relates to your own sales and marketing goals. The Marketing & Communications Department and Public Relations & International Tourism Department sections enumerate the destination's strategic marketing mix for next year, including each visitor vertical market (domestic leisure, international leisure, meetings/conventions and sports events). We recommend that you take a look and see how your goals might align with those of the Bureau; it may be that you can coordinate some of your own advertising or promotional strategies to be in line with GRCVB's, virtually getting double-duty out of your marketing investments to reach more guests or new clients.

"Unlike many visitors bureaus that traditionally have kept their annual marketing plans in confidence primarily for competitive reasons, GRCVB believes in publishing our Business Plan to make it possible for area partners to collaborate with us fully," says Jonathan Freeze, CDME, director of marketing and communications. "We welcome the partner interaction, cooperation and synergy year-round. The transparency also welcomes more locals outside the industry into the community-based effort to help our local economy thrive through sustainable tourism development."

The Business Plan helps us make sure we have a clear map for the road ahead and helps us annually align all the departments of the Bureau working together to achieve the GRCVB mission. It might very well be a way for you to bolster your planning approach as well.