In the coming weeks, GRCVB will be releasing its 2023-2024 Business Plan, which includes invaluable information for hospitality business partners' and other stakeholder organizations' use in their own planning for the coming year. We encourage our area partners to reference the annual Business Plan and look for ways you can come up alongside the Bureau in the sales, marketing and development-related initiatives we will be undertaking next fiscal year.

Near the start of each Business Plan is a brief summary of the most current data we have available about all visitors to Raleigh and Wake County. We're sharing some of those highlights with you here. (Please note these numbers are from surveys conducted about trips in calendar year 2021; data collected in 2022 will be available in late summer 2023.)

Visitor age

Number of children




Household income


States ON

State DT

Purpose ON


Top 10 activities

Source: Longwoods International for GRCVB (2022)