For GRCVB, our fiscal year is beginning to wind down, which means that while we're finishing up business for this year through June 30, we are getting primed and ready to go for fiscal year 2024‒2025 on July 1. 

Area partners can get a head start on our goals for the next year with our newly released 2024‒2025 Business Plan, available in the Partners section of our website. 

This board-approved outline is our project planning and goal-setting rubric from July 1 of this year through June 30 of next year. Each department within the Bureau details its objectives and strategies for the upcoming year within the plan, and we include the most up-to-date visitor profile data available and visitor economic trends for the last decade. For hospitality business partners, this is a helpful guide for aligning with us in the coming year. 

As appropriate, each objective or strategy within the business plan is labeled numerically according to how it relates to Wake County's Destination Strategic Plan through 2028. Toward the end of the plan, too, readers will find our updated, interdepartmental Community Engagement Strategy outlined, with target audiences (beyond our partners reading this) whom we will keep informed on tourism-related economic development during the year ahead. 

The GRCVB Business Plan is an openly shared and valuable resource for Raleigh/Wake County's tourism roadmap. We are happy to share it with you so you may align with all our departments to work better together annually and achieve our countywide mission long-term.